1. The only person that you can count on is yourself
  2. Surrounding yourself with positive people and people that make you happy really changes your perspective on life
  3. Time doesn’t determine friendship. Knowing someone for four weeks opposed to four years and that first person can have better intentions for you than the other
  4. There’s no point doing something half-heartedly, you either give it your all or give it a rest
  5. Don’t let yourself be put in a box, always expand and never limit yourself.
  6. Your body will repay you by eating healthily and exercising. Don’t postpone, start now!
  7. Always side with your gut instinct.
  8. Always work hard, never stop being tenacious – your determination will repay you in the long run. Work hard for your future self.
  9. Being kind costs nothing.
  10. Never take your family for granted. They’re amazing people who love you dearly.
  11. By separating yourself from toxic people, you become an entirely different person and it’s for the better.
  12. You’ll get nowhere by being a sheep. Be your own person, you feel more liberated.
  13. Always help the people that are struggling. Help them redeem themselves and show them there is still goodness within them.
  14. Buying books is never a waste of money.
  15. You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.
  16. I really hate baked beans.


What are the 16 things you’ve learnt this year? What did 2016 mean to you? Comment down below!

Thank you for reading all my posts this year, you guys are incredible. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.

Write to you next year.



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