Things I Want To Do

I don’t know about you, but I always tend to think of the things that I could do right now, whether it is learning a new language or a recipe rather than scrolling on Tumblr for way longer than I intended to.  I also let my imagination run wild and dream of things that I want to do. This continued to happen until I realised, what’s the point of dreaming things unless I don’t make it come true? A rule that I live by is to do something everyday that brings you closer to your goals.

The word ‘want’ means having the desire to possess or do (something). I have the utmost desire to live my life the way I want to, meaning not letting other people’s opinions dictate my life. I want to explore as much of the world as I can because I think that we all take nature for granted and it is something to be treasured. I want to educate myself as much as I can because I love learning interesting  and new things. I want to one day complete all the things off my bucket list. I want world peace. I want poverty to end. I want all the negativity in this world to obliterate.

Now that’s a lot of things that I want and it will take a very long time for it to happen. The message that I wanted to get across is don’t hesitate or prolong the things you want to do. Not tomorrow or someday. Today. Today is the day you will do things you want to do.

Thanks for reading! What are the things you want to do?

Atiyyah x

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