The Body Shop Haul + Reviews

I’ve been wanting to try and reviews these products for such a long time, and I’m so glad I purchased them! I’ve heard so many good reviews about these products and how well they improve your skin and my skin hasn’t been the best recently and it’s safe to say these products have immensely  improved my skin. The incredible products I bought are:




Spots? What spots? My skin magically got better within hours! Next morning my spots were no longer noticeable. After two days, my skin looked the clearest it’s ever been! I finally feel as if I understand what my skin needs and it’s this! Honestly, it’s worth the price. At first, I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t want to waste my money on a product and then it does nothing for my skin, how wrong could I have been?! There’s a smaller portion of the Tea tree oil for 10 ml, for £4 more , you could purchase this Tea Tree oil – this has 50 ml! I would definitely purchase this again!



I love the idea of the 3 in 1 compact, it’s completely efficient and so useful! The face wash and scrub are brilliant! My skin felt cleansed and refreshed, and my skin hasn’t like that in such a long time! The facemask is on a whole other level and I feel it deserves its individual recognition that’s right, immediately my skin felt so much smoother, it felt as if it deeply cleaned my pores, like, it’s unreal. I was so shocked on how evenly these three separate features actually did what it said on the package! I would buy definitely buy that again 100%.




This BB Cream is everything. I admit, I was a little dubious when I saw this in person (I typed irl hahaha)  because I thought would it really adapt to all skin tones? Would it adapt to mine? Is this false advertisement? etc etc. I’m a very indecisive teenage girl, what more can I say?! My queries were put to rest, because, this BB CREAM ; has superb coverage, it quickly adjusts to your skin tone and it’s very light weight. I prefer this to foundation 100% because it feels less heavy upon your skin and my pores no longer feel to cry anymore! It’s a win-win! Straight up, it’s worth the money and it gives you a natural glow!

I am so in love with The Body Shop, they currently have a 3 FOR 2 deal going on right now, so I would head on over if I was you! They’re so helpful and they also have also ever answer to your queries! If you’re worried that they test on animals, don’t be! Everything is 100% vegetarian but not vegan, however still causes no harm towards animals!

Thanks for reading!

Atiyyah x

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