Skincare Favourites + Reviews!

Here are a few skincare products that I have been loving and enjoying; these products have improved my skin immensely and I cannot wait to share these products with you!

From Lush. Reasonable price for £7.95 (120g)

Oh my goodness. This product is heavenly, I don’t think I have given this product enough credit as it deserves! This scrub contains sea salt, avocado butter, limes and coconut oil. The sea salt scrubs away any dead skin, which leaves your face to feel so fresh. The avocado butter and coconut oil leave your face feeling very soft. In result, your face is feeling healthy,soft and refreshed. Also, I use this as a body scrub as well and wow; my skin feels so smooth and refreshed. It’s crazy! I adore this product so much and I highly recommend it. 12/10. I have bought this product twice now, this is how much I love it! How could I forget?

Lush. £5.10 (95g)

Another Lush product, which continues to amaze me. This is a new product that I’ve recently purchased and I have never been so happy with myself! Quick, easy and simple product to use; I put the lotion into the palm of my hand, apply it onto my face, rub it in a little, then, I remove it either with cotton pads or a warm flannel (any of those work!). It’s so quick to use, especially when you happen to be in a rush in the mornings. Which I usually am! This leaves my skin feeling very soft and not groggy. Love it!

Boots. For £4.19

I bought this product (sneakily putting it in the trolley lol, thanks dad!) on a whim. I love simple, so I thought why not. It was on offer in Sainsburys for above two£ (I can’t really remember) but I put boots down as to me it is more reliable. This has been my favourite makeup wipes out of all the ones I’ve purchased and that says a lot! The wipes don’t feel rough on my or my face doesn’t feel sore in the aftermath. I highly recommend this as I love this so very much!

Boots.For £3.25

Again, I bought (well my dad did lol) this product on a whim. I am so glad that I did! I use this wipe in the morning and the evening. I find this so great as it keeps me alert to start the day and relaxed as the day begins to end. There’s nothing negative to say about this product! I love it! Another product that is highly recommended.

Thank you so much for the read! I hope you enjoyed it x

Atiyyah x

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  1. Love simple, I’ve just done a review on their eye cream 😊 xxx


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