Don’t Catcall At Me!

Catcalling. Catcalling is disgusting and humiliating, many young girls before they reach the age of sixteen have been catcalled. Yep. Before the age of sixteen! Even now catcalling is a problem for women everywhere, it’s a form of street harassment that women face everyday. How horrible!

I was eleven when I first got catcalled. I can still remember everything so clearly; the satisfied grin on his face when he saw my reaction, my trembling hands and the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes and the fear that instantly covered me. I wore a crop top that hardly showed any skin and a skirt. Yet, it still made a grown man make an inappropriate comment at an eleven year old girl who didn’t know what to do, time just froze for me . The fact that a grown man sexualised an eleven year old still makes me sick even to this day, and, it still happens now to young girls who aren’t prepared.

What is catcalling? Catcalling is a loud whistle or a comment of a sexual nature made by a man to a passing woman.

There are people who don’t understand ‘the big commotion’ or ‘the deal’ with catcalling. Simple, it’s dehumanizing. Although, there a people who insist furiously that catcalling is a compliment. It’s not!

For a while, I was ashamed that I was catcalled at a young age but I’ve moved on from that, that experience will always be apart of me. I want to teach young girls, that even being catcalled and being approached by pervy men is dreadful, we mustn’t let it affect our actions. Being approached with hateful language isn’t a compliment.

These photos show what catcalling is really like:

catcalling 3

catcalling 2



catcalling 4

You  all are so wonderful,

Atiyyah xo



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