Be U 4 U

Do you ever have one of those ideas/thoughts where you can’t let it dissolve in your brain and become an unforgotten memory? Yep. Me too. That’s why my  fingers are typing so quickly for my brain to comprehend at 12am (I’m not usually an nocturnal person, this is something very bizarre fore me!). Usually, I plan my blog posts before hand; but, I just couldn’t let this thought gnaw at my brain anymore. I just couldn’t! (bear in mind this thought has been present in my mind for a couple of days now).

I’m quite interactive with social media sites and there has been a certain topic that I have been constantly seeing on my timeline; it really has got me thinking – has society really affected how we see perceive ourselves? Or how we present ourselves to others? Are we really that scared of judgement that we’ll shadow our true selves?

I’ve realized that I am a victim. A victim of letting people’s negative opinion affect everything I do. It’s an never ending cycle, and, as a society we need to teach and help each other understand the importance of individuality and uniqueness! We mustn’t shame one another for being different. We’re all different and special individuals. I like to picture it this way; fish are able to swim as far as their fins will allow them, when they’re swimming they’re indestructible. On the other hand, giraffes have a super long neck that allows them to reach up to the tallest tree and eat as much fruit as they desire, when they’re standing mighty and tall and able to taste the clouds – I bet they’re feeling indestructible,I would. These animals are completely different, SO different but that’s what makes them them. Even though they are different they are able to share at least one quality feature. How cool is that? Pretty cool, right?

It really upsets me that we all feel that we can’t express ourselves in the way that we want to as we fear judgement or negativity from our peers, loved ones and even strangers!

Here’s a tip from me (I tweeted this too!): Wear whatever the f*uck you want. Be whoever you want to be. Express how you want to feel. Don’t let other people’s opinion affect you!!!!!

Today I decided to wear something that I usually wouldn’t wear ( I was completely comfortable in this outfit, it made me wonder why didn’t I make this choice sooner…) out of the fear of judgement, because it’s different to what others are used to but I decided that enough is enough and I am glad that I did. I’m doing this for myself and only me. Because, I can no longer waste my energy on worrying about how I look to others. It’s sad.

You do you.

It’s now 1am. I’m glad my thoughts will no longer gnaw at my brain as I’ve expressed how I feel with you guys!

Much love,

Atiyyah xo

self love 2
I found this on We heart it. Always remember this! *creds to whoever made it*

p.s It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to  be who you are.




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