3 Face masks for all skin types!

I wanted a face mask that actually proves what it says on the packaging, I’ve had enough of  constantly wasting money on products that damages my skin; it leaves a very unhappy customer and a empty bank account lol broke af. I have bought three face masks from different stores and put them to the test:


Product name: Mask Of Magnaminty

What it is: A face and body mask

What it does: Fights eruptions and outbreaks and reverts your skin to top condition

Rate: 5/5

How much did it cost? £5.75

What do I think of it and would I buy it again? This face mask has worked wonders with my skin, like, my skin no longer feels sluggish and worn out. I occasionally get the odd spot here and there go puberty! but since using it my skin has felt so much softer and it has reduced my spots as well.

Would I buy it again? Yes. No second thoughts needed. Although, it may seem a little pricey, [Lush] their products are 100% handmade and vegetarian. This product has lasted me more than a month and I am so happy!


Product name: “get outta my face, dirtball!” – antatomicals (Urban Outfitters)

What it is: An apricot face scrub

What it does: Exfoliates, deep cleanses and revitalises your skin. Crushed apricot kernels remove dead cells, whilst aloe vera softens and soothes, leaving skin super soft

Rate:  4/5

How much did it cost? £1.50

What do I think of it and will I buy it again? After I came out the shower I couldn’t stop stroking my face wtf u weirdo , seriously it was so smooth and my skin felt so refreshed. I was so pleased with the outcome.

The only downside was the packaging, since it’s in a packet and not in a tub or a tube it kind of puts me off because I don’t want  the contents spilling out of the packet lololol . However, I don’t see myself only going to Urban Outfitters just for a face mask. I would buy it again but I wouldn’t be as eager to purchase it like I am with Lush.


Product name: Deep Cleansing Face Mask (you can purchase this from Boots and Superdrugs)

What it is: Deep cleansing face mask

What it does: It’s a blend of multi- vitamins that draws out unwanted dirt within in our skin and eliminates dead skin cells.

Rate: 5/5

How much did it cost? £2.66

What do I think of it and will I buy it again? Oh my goodness. YES. If I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much because Simple isn’t the brand I usually go for (apart from their make up wipes! it’s fab) . However, after using it I could already tell that my skin looked so much better! Even my mum complemented how good my skin looked lol thx mum . So that was another bonus, not only could I see the difference but so did someone else. LOVE IT!!

Comment down below your favourite face masks 🙂

Thank you for reading,

Atiyyah x

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