My Summer Essentials 2015

Are you going abroad and have no clue what to pack? Or staying at home for the summer and don’t know what to do? Keep on reading!

The first thing you need and is super important (especially if you’re visiting a hot country) is sun cream, also known as sunblock and sun screen. It’s quite self-explanatory, you apply sun cream to your skin to prevent horrible sunburn. If you’re from the UK I highly recommend Soltan Kids Once 8 Hr play Spray which costs £9.00 from Boots, it’s on offer hurry! Also available for adults.

Sunglasses? Sunglasses. There’s no doubt that you’ll wear sunglasses this summer, so it’ll be nice to have a few pairs. The stores where I buy my sunglasses are River Island and Topshop. If they’re bright and different shapes that’s a bonus!

Hats! not only do they protect your head but they’re pretty stylish; bucket hats, fedoras or caps etc. Make your own trends this summer and rock the look.

I’m definitely putting metallic tattoos in my suitcase because they’re cute as heck they’re fun, stands out and gives you the Coachella vibes! You can find them on the topshop website or amazon.

How could I forget? Flip flops duh. If you’re on your way to the beach and don’t want to get your shoes dirty because I don’t ! then slip your feet into flip flops, super cute and super stylish. The best deals to buy as many flip flops for a  little amount of money is Primark but I also love getting my flip flops from Accessorize.

Another item I’m definitely packing in my suitcase is my Polaroid ; it’s amazing as it instantly produces the pictures you’ve taken, I’m completely obsessed ! . I ordered my Polaroid (black) and Polaroid film from Amazon.

I am absolutely in love with Such A Flirt from Victoria Secret, it smells of chamomile and aloe vera and it reminds me of summer because it’s quite sweet, it’s so  calming and refreshing! I highly recommend you guys this 🙂

* I didn’t include the basic things ie. shoes, swimwear, passport and jewellery etc as they’re pretty simple and necessary, I hope you remember to pack these !!

25 Fun things to do at home this summer!

  1. Make a tie-dye shirts
  2. Making new memories with your best friends
  3. Create your own ice cream flavour!
  4. Make your own ice cream
  5. Own a lemonade stand
  6. Get a summer job with your friends (how fun will that be!)
  7. Go on a road trip! From one city to another
  8. Go on a camping trip with all your friends
  9. Learn a foreign language
  10. Dye your hair a crazy colour! yolo
  11. Complete a scrapbook
  12. Have a picnic
  13. Have a summer photo shoot
  14. Get a henna tattoo
  15. Have a summer party
  16. Have a silly string or water balloon fight
  17. Date someone new  cheeky
  18. Play messy twister
  19. Make your own music video
  20. Go berry picking
  21. Visit an art museum or any of your choice
  22. Visit the zoo
  23. Have a backyard movie night
  24. Buy a homeless person a meal
  25. Send a letter to a random address and see if they’ll write back

These are just my ideas of what to do this summer, if you have any other ideas comment down below! I hope you guys a super safe summer! God bless x

Atiyyah xo

P.S. I’ll be on holiday for three weeks and I might not be posting anything here but as soon as I come back I will !

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